HVAC Service in Denver, CO

Mr. Cool Heating & Cooling is committed to providing clients in Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas with timely Commercial and Residential HVAC service. You can also rely on us for carbon monoxide testing and commercial refrigeration jobs as well.

Whether you’re worried about your furnace leaking or your boiler not being connected properly, you can count on our HVAC contractor to handle the issue. At our company, we equip each truck with a carbon monoxide meter. Perfect for detecting the presence of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases, we’ll go room by room, ensuring your property is safe. Don’t put this off if you think a carbon monoxide leak at your property is a possibility. Our  Commercial and Residential HVAC services are available even on short notice.

If your business relies on a commercial refrigeration system, it’s important to keep that equipment in good working order. Aside from the importance of keeping your goods fresh, failing to maintain this system could lead to problems at inopportune times. Aside from potentially losing your inventory, problems in the refrigeration system could create health code violations and hurt the reputation of your business. For these reasons, it’s essential to have your equipment evaluated by professional HVAC technicians at the first sign of problems.

Our Services

Reach out to our team at Mr. Cool Heating & Cooling for all of your Commercial and Residential HVAC needs. Since 2005, we’ve built a reputation for delivering professional HVAC services when time is of the essence.

● Air Conditioning Repair ● Furnace Installation ● A/C Replacement

● Heating Service ● Commercial Refrigeration Service ● Water Heater Repair

● Evaporated Cooler Maintenance ● Carbon Monoxide Testing ● Ductwork Inspections

● Air Duct Sealing ● Certifications